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Laser Tattoo Removal 

Requiring a full tattoo removal? or fading for a cover up? Our experienced technicians are here to help.

About Us

Conveniently located in Mount Barker, making services more accessible for Adelaide Hills residents. Whether you are hoping to fully remove a tattoo or fade/ lighten for a cover up our technicians are experienced and competent in helping you achieve your goals.



We Are Pro Tattoo

We do not think of tattoos as ugly or unsightly! However, as heavily tattooed people ourselves we understand that as time passes people grow, relationships end and styles, tastes change. Hence why we have had many of our own tattoos either removed for a fresh start or simply to make room for new ones. We don’t think clean skin is better (or vice versa) we just want our clients to love the skin they’re in and we are proud to provide a service that can help you achieve that, regardless of what your current preferences or attitudes towards ink are! 


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